Welcome to our full service practice.  By “Full Service Practice” we mean one that offers a complete range of services involved with comprehensive dentistry. You can expect from us:

●  The highest degree of professional skill and ability
●  We studiously keep abreast of progress in dental science
●  The integrity to perform all services to the best of our knowledge and ability
●  An explanation of our findings resulting from a thorough diagnosis, and the establishment of a fee for work to be done

Our primary concern is that you feel comfortable in our office.    We are dedicated to making your visits here as pleasant an experience as possible.



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Doctors Frank and Neil Marciano in front of The Marciano Dental Group

It all began in 1938 with Dr Frank Marciano, who commenced practicing dentistry in Hoboken upon his graduation from Temple University Dental School. In 1966 his son, Dr. Neil Marciano, graduated from The University of Pennsylvania Dental School and joined his father in the practice, bringing with him the newest technical advancements in dental care.
A strong believer in the importance of continuing education, Dr. Neil and his staff members attend seminars to keep up with the latest technical and practical advancements in dentistry. A lecturer himself at seminars and colleges, Dr. Neil Marciano is continually looking for ways to educate our community to understand better dental health.

Our major goal is to keep our patients in the best of dental health and make you feel good while under our care. The Marciano Dental Group provides the Hoboken community with excellent and high quality dental care. The office is designed with you, the patient , in mind. Our dental equipment is leadind edge by today’s standards, and our decor reflects pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. The office is also easily navigable by our handicapped patients. If you’ve never seen our office, please stop in. We would love to show you around.

our staff

We see each other as STARS!

  • Dr. Neil Marciano
    “Dr. Marciano is a pro at fighting tooth decay” Dr. Neil S. Marciano – owner/director of The Marciano Dental Group welcomes you to our Family Practice.  It all began in...
  • Dr. Ellen Ost
    Dr. Ellen as she likes to be called, has been with the MDG since 2006; she attended medical school in Kishiner, Moldova in 1990-1996 and received a medical degree;...
  • Monique Cortez
    Monique, our Head Assistant, has been with us since 2007, she not only assist and manages the Dental Assisting Department, she also dedicates time to training students in the...
  • Saby Reyes
    Saby is one of our Dental Assistants; she has been with us since Oct 2010.  Saby was referred by an “On the Job Training Program” as a student who...

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